it’s quite easy to delegate tonight’s dinner to the back burner, leaving time only for some lentils and rice or worse – chinese delivery. but food is not always substance for sustenance, but an expression, a mood, a movement, a destination.

food is not always food.

this blog is written by someone who takes food a little too seriously. making food has been a career, and may yet again – but food is always a vital aspect of this quotidian.

this food is plant-based, also. “vegan,” even. what this food is not, though, is alternative. this food is primary. this food makes no apologies. this food stands on its own and says “I AM TASTY” and doesn’t rely on pop-culture references for its self-identity.

my name is D, and as the cooker of the food i hope to provide you recipes and tips to make your own dishes. i hope it is good. i hope it is fun to eat. because that’s what food is for: tasting good and making us strong, emotionally and physically.

now i’m hungry. i hope you are too.

i serve it forth.


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