vegan miam’s gochujang marinade and blasted broccoli

as a cynic, i am totally aware that my recipe blog is just another drop in the big blogosphere bucket. and while i don’t expect greatness, i can’t help but feel inspired by (and a little envious of) a certain number of bloggers. so, i am planning on making someone else’s recipe once a week to keep myself motivated.

first up! is a remarkably good looking website with remarkably good information for people who like to travel and enjoy a plant-based lifestyle. i am seriously inspired by her visit to mexico city and am now keeping an eye on airline ticket prices. i was also inspired by her use of gochujang, that up-and-coming trendy hot condiment that is competing with harissa to be the next sriracha. i had just enough of the miso-like spicy paste to make the marinade and some broccoli, so i got to work.

the recipe is here. instead of tempeh i used a half-pound of some experimental seitan* that i had on hand, but this dish would be great with tofu as well, or cauliflower, or mushrooms, or more broccoli, or… or…

paired with some hot rice, the result was a super savory, spicy bowl i had a hard time not refilling several times. oven-roasted broccoli is perhaps one of my favorite dishes, as well as k’s, so i had to really restrain myself to keep some leftovers.

this dish was so tasty, i’m definitely going to keep it around.

*that seitan is a work in progress, and once i iron out a few kinks i’ll write a post about it and probably make a big fuss, as i’m pretty excited about the method i’m developing.


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